“My experience in SCILL and the MBT program, it really solidified my decision to pursue business school at Santa Clara University. SCILL allowed me to explore stem cell biology in detail and learn how stem cells are cultured.”

— Elliot Mar, SCILL 2012


“When I initially entered the SCILL program, I had the mindset that I needed this degree to get a job in the biotech field. What I did not anticipate was how I would develop as a scientist. During my SCILL internship, my passion and interest for research grew as I gained insight on how the work that I was involved in could possibly lead to a cure and have a positive impact in human health. When I returned years later to teach the stem cell course at SJSU, I gained a further appreciation for academia as I mentored the new SCILL scholars toward a career in regenerative medicine. The combination of research and teaching synthesized my decision to enter into a Ph.D. program.”

— Jessica Westfall


“I did not always know that I wanted to be a scientist, nor did I know I would develop a passion for translational research in particular. When I decided to pursue a Master’s degree, my goal was to simply prepare myself for a career in the biotech industry. I owe my clarity to the SCILL program. During my internship at the Parkinson’s Institute, I witnessed first hand the value of research and understood the need for a cure. My experiences during my internship kindled a deep interest in research and played a pivotal role in my decision to pursue a Ph.D.”

— Malini Rammohan