We are now completing the 11th year of the SJSU SCILL Program. By the end of May 20, 2021 a total of 120 professionals will have become SJSU SCILL alumni, all equipped with leading-edge skills in the stem cell field that will contribute to the development of stem cell therapies. More than 92% of our graduates are employed in biotech, academia or health-related graduate programs. About 51% of them work directly in stem cell research. Many of our graduates go on the Ph.D. programs.

The SJSU SCILL Program not only provides a high-quality workforce but also enables  graduates to proudly enter the job market immediately after promotion. We are proud that SJSU CIRM Bridges Program has improved the lives of all Californians and the economic prosperity of the state by advancing stem cell research and development of clinical therapies.

Current Students

StudentsHost InstitutionPosition
Kaleana PalaresSJSUMaster's Student
Phi PhanSJSUMaster's Student
Nicolas ButeletSJSUMaster's Student
Urmi KandpalSJSUMaster's Student
Lorene Lee SJSUMaster's Student
Kamilla SendovSJSUMaster's Student
Manali KunteSJSUMaster's Student
Rishitha GollaSJSUMaster's Student
TBDSJSUMaster's Student

Current Interns

StudentsHost InstitutionPosition
Vishaka Shah Dorian TherapeuticsIntern
Sushmita SenStanford, Czechowicz Lab Intern
Paul MackStanford, Nakauchi Lab Intern
Alamgir KandhariNotable LabsIntern
Maram BaderStanford, Wysocka LabIntern
Akhila Palakodaty BiotechIntern
Anupama Kozhiyalam
Stanford, Wernig LabIntern
Suzan StavitskyStanford, Czechowicz LabIntern
Tvisha JosyulaTenaya TherapeuticsIntern
Max Chen Stanford, Schuele LabIntern